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Throw away your calling card and start calling for FREE with Tap4Call smartphone app

October 2, 2012

Today I will show you how to call absolutely FREE with the Tap4Call iOS app using your Internet connection. Specifically I would like to show you how to earn free credits using Tap4Call functionality.

Tap4Call can make free International calls, long distance calls and local calls. As long as you have good Internet connection you will get great call quality. For installing the app and dialing phone numbers please refer to this quick start guide.

If you use calling card to call overseas you can start using Tap4Call. It will give you the following benefits that ordinal calling cards don’t have:

  1. No maintenance fees
  2. No taxes
  3. No need to enter PIN number
  4. No need to register
  5. You get first call free
  6. You can continue making free calls

I am going to who you how you can call free. After you launch the app you will notice there is some small amount of credits assigned to your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. Also you can see there is a “Rates” button. Which gives an impression that you will need to get more credits in order to make International/long distance/local calls.

Credits screen for making International phone calls with Tap4Call

As you can see you can buy credits as a first choice. But you can also earn free credits in order to call for free. Click “Earn Free Credits”. The new screen will be loaded in a couple of seconds with the suggested actions.

Tap4Call - make actions to earn free credits

There is a big list of suggested actions that you can make in order to earn the credits. There could be even actions which will earn you more than $20 in credits if complete them. Try to click on one of them. Complete the action. Return back to the main screen of the Tap4Call and refresh main screen. As you can see your credit amount has increased.

There is also another button on the “Credit” screen called “More Free Credits”. I have to say that I personally like this offers better! It is more fun to complete those actions. If you click this button the app opens the we page in the Safari window. You need to register or login to the Tapjoy offerwall after that. This screen will show up

If you keep scrolling down you will notice there are a lot of “Intall and run” ads for the iOS games:

Go ahead and download one of the apps from the list of ads. Then launch it. After launching some of the apps you will get free credits right away. But other apps ask you to register. After the registration you can go back to Tap4Call app and refresh the main screen. You’ve got more free phone calls overseas or local calls!

Remember, the credits don’t expire with Tap4Call but the ads of certain apps can be here today and can be out tomorrow. So you might consider of getting as many credits with the actions as possible when you have a chance to get good app and get rewarded at the same time.


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  1. Fatima permalink

    Tap4call on ios iphone 4 is not working any more please fix it ? When will itstart working again?

  2. amarnath permalink

    My iOS version is < 5.1… not able to install Tap4Call. please suggest

  3. brenn permalink

    wow nice! save money live better. lol

  4. interesting app. thanks for sharing.

  5. Harish kumar permalink

    im using sumsung mobile it is possible to using tap4call in this mobile

  6. george permalink

    amazing app. no bs. kudos!

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