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Quick Start Guide for the Tap4Call app for Android devices

October 8, 2012

Have you ever wanted to make cheap (or even FREE) long distance calls, international calls or local calls using your Android phone or Android Tablet? You can do it with our Android app called Tap4Call.

Tap4Call makes outgoing phone calls over your Internet connection, it doesn’t use your minutes from your cell phone plan. Tap4Call can work over LTE, 4G, and 3G networks. It also works over your home WiFi network as long as you have good a Internet connection. Using Tap4call over a WiFi network is preferred in most cases. As long as you have a good Internet connection you will get great phone call quality.
Why is Tap4Call a great app?

  1. No registration is required!
  2. Tap4Call is free to download
  3. Tap4Call is free to try
  4. It offers Free and Cheap long-distance phone calls
  5. It allows users to make Free and Cheap local phone calls
  6. Tap4Call can call overseas for free or with cheap rates (call to Mexico, call to India, call to Colombia, call to Nigeria, and so on)

Start using Tap4Call on your Android device fast and with no hassle. Here are the steps to make international calls, local calls and long distance calls:

1. Download Tap4Call

Tap4Call is available from Google Play. You can use this link  to download it.

Also you can simply search for “Tap4Call” in the Google Play store.

2. Launch Tap4Call

Please make sure you have an Internet connection before you launch the app. It needs to connect to our server so our system can add free credits for you to try our services (after you run out of those credits you can still continue making free calls by doing certain actions within  Tap4Call app).
After you launch the app you will see a screen similar to this screenshot:

Tap4Call main screen for FREE international calls

3. Start making calls with your free credits
You can start making calls! One way to do this is by clicking on the “Dialer” tab and by entering the phone number in the “International format”. This format means that you enter the country code first. It is very important to put the country code in front of the destination number!
For example:

  • To make calls to India, enter “91″ in front of the number.
  • To make calls to Mexico put “52″ in front of the phone number
  • To call the USA type “1″ at the beginning of the destination phone number
  • For calls to Russia enter “7″ in front of the number
  • For calls to Dominican Republic enter “1809″ or”1829″ or “1849” in front of the number, and so on

Tap4Call makes free International calls

Type in the number and click the green button to place your call within our system like on the following screen

Tap4Call makes another free International call

After the call is placed you should be able to see the screen below. This means your connection is established and you can speak to your friend now. This is how you can make long distance calls from the Android phone or tablet.

Call overseas for free with Tap4Call Android app

The other way to make international calls is to pick the phone number from the general contact list on your Android phone. Again, it is important to have the phone number in international format in your contact list. The phone number should start with the country code or with “011” plus the country code. If you don’t have a country code, the phone number will be routed in an unexpected way. Here is an example of properly formatted phone numbers in India (country code is 91) in your contact list:

Tap4Call can call people from your contact listYou can click on the green phone next to the phone number as you usually do when dialing any other number. Special dialer menu should appear. This menu must have Tap4Call option for calling. You will see something similar to the following screen:

Tap4Call can easy dial your International calls or long distance calls

Now choose the “Tap4Call” icon and you will be connected by the Tap4Call smartphone app to your destination number over the Internet connection.

4. Check out our rates (optional)
Click “rates” from the main screen. You will see the list of the countries where you can make free and cheap international calls to.

Tap4Call allows you to call to any country in the world

Search for the country you are calling to. After you select the destination country you will see the price per minutes in credits. We tound to the next full minute. This means if you call Mexico and talk for 90 seconds your call will be rounded to 2 minutes and your account will be billed for 2 minutes. Here is an example of the rates screen:

Tap4Call has cheap rates for International calls

Happy calling!

  1. Khin Maung Oo permalink

    I enjoy with tap4 call for international

  2. i am calling to a cell phone in netherlands is that 22 cents .

    • The current rate can be found on the “Rates” app in the smartphone app.

      Thank you

  3. khinekhine permalink

    how can i do get free credits for calls?

  4. shoib aliraza permalink


  5. sidrah permalink

    I have just purchased credit, but calls are not going through. Is there a customer service # i could contact at?
    Also, i did not receive any confirmation email from Now11 confirming my purchase

    • Hi,
      I am sorry you have an issue with the service. We don’t send confirmation emails because we do not collect email addresses from our customers. Please send the problem details to
      Thank you!

  6. vignesh permalink

    Hello sir, I have a problem… In my phone… Actually I recharge tap4call for 50 dollars and I Used 5 dollars and now I. Formatted my phone…. And also I register tap4call with one simcard that simcard was not working… So I bought a new one…now . Have a different simcard. So I want my balance back sir…give me a solution

  7. Christine McCallum permalink

    Why won’t the app allow me to use my AMEX Serve card to purchase more time? It won’t accept the expiration date

    • Hi,
      I am sorry you have issues with the card. We do accept Amex Serve cards. It is possible the billing information is not matching whatever Serve has on file. Please contact and we will provide more details what went wrong with your card.

  8. Harish kumar permalink

    i am downlaoded tap4call and that day itself recharged 10 dollars. but when i am trying to call it is not working it show notregisstered. so how can i call from this plz help me

  9. Ida Cote-Persson permalink

    I would like to call a land line in Canada, is that possible?

  10. mcp permalink

    I’m From Nigeria, I want to go for tap4call but I don’t know if this can workout here from Nigeria, Reply.

  11. mostafa permalink

    I changed my phone and I lost all my credit from previous phone

  12. Renee permalink

    I made a call to Egypt 2 days ago and the app worked great! I tried to call the same number again and it won’t work now. It says “cannot call” I tried many ways in the description. Help!!! I have plenty of minutes left too.

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