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Voice over IP technology gets the boost by the iOS and Android OS

October 15, 2012

Today I stumbled upon the article “V.VoIP Takes Hold In App Development” by  Saraj Mudigonda.

I would like to quote 1 specific paragraph from it:

In the pre-iOS/Android era, very few platforms provided the tools for applications development. In particular, real-time V.VoIP functionality was available as an embedded application. Platforms, processors, memory, and bandwidth were intended to deliver just that functionality and didn’t have to compete for resources.


This is so true. Before our iPhones and Android phones, iPads and Android based tablets we hassled with the using this great technology from our PC and Mac computers. Nowadays there are so many features that you can use on your smartphone. One of those allow you to use VOIP for calling your friends and family from thousands of miles away and pay little money comparing to your phone company rates. You can make long distance calls with our app called “Tap4Call”. We went even further and it is possible to make any calls free! All you need to do is to earn credits within Tap4Call by doing some fun stuff: download games, get freebies, like Facebook pages and so on. Each action will earn you Tap4Call credits towards VOIP calling.

Our app is available from Apple appstore and from Google Play!

Check our website for more information and instructions how to use the smartphone app at

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