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Hurricane Sandy Aftermath for the digital world

November 7, 2012

US coast got hit by a Hurricane Sandy last week on Monday. Two states receive biggest impact from the flooding and the strong wind: New York and New Jersey.

How did it impact the digital world? Or better yet: How did it impact the Internet. Well, the thing is that some biggest companies have the servers in huge data centers in the middle of Manhattan – area of the New York City. We’ve heard that power in the data centers were affected by flooding. It was going on and off. After a few hours of the beginning of the storm the data centers were working on their own generators. There were also fuel shortages for the generators and delivery of it was nearly impossible because of the closed roads and the fact that near gas stations were closed. So it was a real possibility that data centers in Manhattan could stop operating after few days of electricity shortages. Also because of limited capacities of those generators there was not enough power to run air-conditioning in the centers. The temperature in the rooms was rising, the treat of overheating servers was also possible.

Luckily for everybody the power was restored and data centers started to operate in full capacity again. A lot of online business hosted in NY and in NJ areas had rough time with the Internet access and with the hosted servers.

Tap4Call servers were not affected and our clients were able to make VOIP International calls using Tap4Call smartphone apps in that period of time. The connection with the New York and New Jersey areas were good and sound.

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