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Tap4call rates

February 19, 2013

You may wonder why there is no listing of the rates for using the Tap4Call app.  The reason for this is that the rates vary according to the device you use.  To make it easy for you to check your rates, Tap4Call has built in a rate check option within your device.  Simply navigate to the main screen and click “rates.”  Then, you will see a complete list of countries available for you to connect to.  Select your destination country and you will see the price per minutes in credits. Please be advised, Tap4Call rounds your calls to the nearest minute.  This means if you make a 90 second call, the call will be rounded to 2 minutes and your account will be charged accordingly.

Tap4Call uses your cellular provider’s wireless internet connection or Wi-Fi (if you’re connected to it) to transmit your calls in a technology called Voice Over IP.  Therefore, you are not using your cell phone minutes while calling, you are using your data plan, or if you are connected to the Wi-Fi, you aren’t using either!  It’s important to make sure you know what your cellular provider’s restrictions are with regard to your data plan so please research that before you start making calls.

Besides, the low rates charged by Tap4Call, another benefit to the app is that you can earn free calls.  There are a number of click through options located in the app which allow you to earn free credits so you can make calls free of charge.  What could be better than that?

Please take your time to explore all the facets of Tap4Call and start making free or cheap calls today!


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