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Taarab music in Mombasa!

April 2, 2013

Kenyan women

Explore and experience the fullness of how the citizens in Mombasa, Kenya live and entertain. You cannot do this by foot. Hire a vehicle in Mombasa Kenya, turn on the radio to the local station and enjoy the Taarab music. You are now fully equipped to discover the city!

The residents here are mainly Muslim, Mijikenda and Swahili. Get dressed in your kanga (a brightly colored cotton garment worn by woman and occasionally by men) or pindo (Swahili translation of kanga) and travel around this fantastic city.

Mombasa accommodates a mind blowing quantity of night clubs, bars, hotels and restaurants. This night life experience is no where else to be found. Let the city entertain you! Clubs that come to mind are Bora Bora, Tembo, Toyz, Casablanca and Bella Vista followed by an endless list. At Toyz you can party until dawn!

In the city you can find an array of markets selling traditional Kenyan clothing (a must buy!), cotton head wrappings, costume jewelry, crafted wooden furniture, baskets, sculptures and a huge variety of toys. A good place to buy Khangas, Kikoys and Kitenges (traditional coastal textiles) is Biashara Street.  Be sure to pay a visit to Bombolulu Handicrafts on the North Coast and Akamba Handicrafts (on the way to the Airport). Here you can buy the most beautiful crafts and see the craftsmen at work. You can place an order and they will make it to your specifications.

The clean, sunny, white beaches are inviting and tempting. The security is excellent on the beaches, as the police patrol these areas frequently.

Treat your taste buds to a taste exposure on the traditional Swahili foods. There are many special traditional dishes to eat, but one of the dishes you must try is Kenyeji (also referred to as mukimu or irio) made of corn and beans inside a ball of mashed potatoes, then fried in onions.

Drive through the city and embrace every moment of your trip. Mombasa gives new meaning to the song “Memories are made of this.”


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