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Cell Phones and Radiation Myths

February 3, 2014

Mobile phone technology has been around for over 30 years now and myths and facts about the dangers of cell phone use are drawing parallels in the dark. Meantime, the world population is growing exponentially and uses mobile phones like never before.
Since the 70’s, there were theories about the risk of using cell phones, as they may cause cancer and all sort of horrible things. Nowadays, in 2014, if you will ask the average Joe about the dangers of mobile phone use, you will receive, probably, a dubious answer, but mostly “they may harm you, but I don’t know why, I heard it on the radio, they cause cancer”, or something like that.
cell phone radiationIn the age of the internet, everyone has an opinion, which is the best in the world, but let’s get things straight, using old school methods, like science.
The dangers of mobile phone use vary from crashing your car while texting (that’s very real folks, you should NEVER do that) to increased ear bacteria and cancer (in the form of brain tumors).
Nowadays, since cell phones are everywhere and we use them as an extension of our personality, let’s see how it’s physically impossible for a cell phone to cause cancer, even when used for extended periods of time.
There are people out there that are asking for a total ban of Wi-Fi networks, power cables and cell phones. The common denominator in all these things is the “radiation”( the word is associated with Fukushima, Hiroshima, terrifying stuff) , but there is a huge difference between the output of electromagnetic radiation from a cell phone and the one from an atomic bomb. Yet, the word used in both gizmos is the same, radiation, and people get scared easily.
Well, let’s see what radiation really means, shall we?
Radiation is transmitted in a wave form, if you’re talking about chemo-therapy, a smart phone or an A-Bomb (the principle is the same) and this determines people to associate cell phone radiation with cancers, instinctively, in a knee-jerk negative frame of thought.
But, truth be told, there is a huge difference between the radiation emitted from a cell phone antenna and the one emitted by an X-Ray machine. Check out the picture below, as it’s worth a thousand words:
cell phone radiationYou don’t need to understand quantum physics in order to realize that the RF energy emitted from a cell phone, as shown in the left side of the picture, is very weak (I am talking about the amount of energy released from a smartphone when compared to UV-radiation or X-rays, there are HUGE orders of magnitude between these and cell phone radiation) and it cannot produce cancer or have adverse effects on your health.
The basic explanation for this assertion is that the amount of energy released by cell phones is very low, not enough to break the molecular bonds from inside a human cell, unlike X-Rays or Gamma-rays.
For example, UV, Gamma and X-ray radiation is so strong, that it will break the bonds inside your cells, including your DNA molecules, causing them to mutate while replicating, and voila, you get cancer.
But this is not the case with the radiation emitted by your home appliances (like infrared light, your TV set or AC-power running through cables, not to mention your smartphone), which is far too weak for breaking these bonds inside your body cells, hence you should not be worried about your Microwave oven causing you cancer (by itself, what happens to the food inside is another matter).
For example, let’s take a look at the well known carcinogens : the UV rays, X rays and Gamma rays; they all have energies bigger than 480 kilo-Joules/mole, more than enough to destroy the chemical bonds inside living tissue. Now, ask yourself, what amount of energy a cell phone is emitting? Well, the answer is blowing in the wind and it’s ridiculously low, check this out : less than 0.001 kilo-Joule/mole. That’s all folks! An order of magnitude like 480,000 times less than UV-Rays, and I rest my case.
Obviously, you don’t have to believe the numbers alone, because there were also scientific studies made, regarding the incidence of brain tumors in cell phone users, but with irrelevant results and definitely there is no known-scientifically proven connection between cell phone use and cancer, as this study shows unequivocally . Of course, one may say that the “absence of evidence is not evidence of absence”
Okay. Disregard these studies for a moment and use your common sense : how can such a weak radiation from a cell phone can hurt your brain? If that were true, my generation should be bursting with brain-cancers, for example I own a cell phone since 1996 and all my friends and family are using them on regular basis for the last 15 years or so. And guess what! We’re still around.
Bottom line, if you’re not getting hit by somebody in the head with a smartphone, I think you’re pretty safe around cell phones.


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