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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo, The Chosen One!

February 4, 2014

samsyng galaxy note 3 neo Samsung’s Galaxy Note line of phablets is already legendary in the geek’s community. Now, three generations after, it seems like the Note will never go out of style. The Note is increasingly bigger, better, faster, more, offering an immersive experience in the Android world for both the novice and the experienced user.
Now, Samsung decided to make the latest generation, the Note 3, even more appealing, with their newest Note 3 Neo. Their secret? Cut the price down, it always works.
In the beginning, the Note 3 Neo was rumored as a lite version of the flagship. But, despite the lower resolution screen and the downgraded camera, the Note 3 Neo comes with a new system on chip, featuring six cores that are working together and simultaneously, making the Neo a top dog in the droid world.
Basically, Neo is another species, not a “mini” or a “compact” version, in no way the poor relative. What we have here is a six core ARM based processor, featuring LITTLE architecture, an eight megapixels shooter capable of recording full HD videos@1080p and a cool super AMOLED display, Samsung’s trademark. Even if the resolution was cut off to only 720p, the display looks pretty good, while the battery and the GPU performance profits the most from the “downgrade”. Let’s take a deeper look inside the Neo, shall we?

The retail box offers no surprises, being as straight forward as it gets: inside you will find the 2A charger, an USB cable and the headphones, along with some spare tips and a tool that comes handy when you need to replace them.
Nothing changed (much) in terms of size about the Note 3 Neo, measuring 148.4×77.4×8.6mm (in metric); the phablet is a little bit shorter (3.5 mm), narrower (2 mm) and ligher (5.5 g). But the differences are negligible.
The design is almost exactly the same, the back of the Note 3 Neo is covered in black faux leather and the built quality is exceptionally good. Just like the Note 3, Neo is difficult to use with only one hand, except if you’re a NBA player with huge palms. The S-Pen is still there, don’t worry.
samsyng galaxy note 3 neo leatherThe display measures 5.5 inches and above it you’ll find a 2 megapixels secondary camera (it records 1080p) and the ambient light/proximity sensors. Neo doesn’t feature air gestures, so there’s no motion sensor folks. The physical buttons are all there, along with the regular ports and camera lens, featuring a LED flash.
If you remove the faux leather back panel (that looks almost real!), you will expose the 3100 mAh battery, which has just a little bit less capacity than in the Note 3 (100 mAh). Also, you’ll see the micro SD slot and the micro SIM compartment.
The main point of attraction, the display, is only 0.2 inches smaller than in the Note 3, but it’s still a super AMOLED, with 720p resolution. (720×1280 pixels). Nevertheless, it features a reasonable 267ppi pixel density and it looks pretty cool, with excellent contrast and viewing angles. The display is easy to read in the sun, and that’s an awesome feature of super AMOLED screens.
samsyng galaxy note 3 neo screenThe S Pen is the trademark of the Note line and there’s no difference between the Note 3 and the Neo in terms of usability or features, it’s basically the same thing.
Talking about OS, Neo is powered by Android 4.3 JellyBean out of the box, featuring Samsung’s TouchWIZ user interface. Needless to say, the UI is very responsive and runs buttery smooth on the phablet, thanks to its excellent hardware capabilities. And while we’re at it, I must tell you that the hexa core Exynos 5260 chipset, powered by 2 Cortex A15@1.7 GHz and 4 Cortex A7@1.3GHZ does a Hell of a job in Neo; being the first device that supports HMP, that means that all the 6 cores can run simultaneously, unlike the previous versions. This translates in blazing fast speeds and huge processing power. The GPU is a Mali T624 that runs flawlessly on the 720p screen.
samsyng galaxy note 3 neo screen notes Neo is a perfect tool for business, being augmented by the S Voice and Google Now, the best virtual assistants in the world. You can use them for initiating apps, playing music, change settings, dictate a text, set alarms, search the internet, you name it, and they got it.
The phonebook and telephony are high-end, as expected from a Samsung Galaxy Note. The video player and the music player are doing a great job too, while the audio output quality is quite impressive. If you’re an audiophile, this is the smartphone for you, provided you treat it with a good pair of headphones.
The 8 megapixels camera is among the best in the business, with the familiar Samsung user interface. It comes with all kinds of features, like HDR, Best Photo, Best Face, Beauty Shot etc and the image quality is among the best I’ve seen on an 8 MP shooter. The same goes for the full HD 1080p videos.
In terms of connectivity, Neo shines again, with quad band GSM,GPRS,EDGE, 3G plus HDSPA and LTE-A(there is a version supporting LTE where available). There’s also Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0, NFC connectivity and even a MHL enabled micro USB port.
The browsing experience is hassle free, quick and smooth, thanks to Android’s/Google Chrome browser, that supports double tap and pinch zoom, among other goodies.
For business users, the Note 3 Neo comes with Polaris Office that offers full functionality like viewing/editing Word/PowerPoint/Excel/PDF docs.
You can use the phablet for navigation purposes thanks to its GPS receiver and the software bundle, including Google Maps and voice guided Navigation (including street-view). If you’re wondering what else you can get in terms of Android apps, have no fear, Google Play is here, and that’s where the fun is!
In conclusion, Samsung offers a solid smartphone experience with the Note 3 Neo at an affordable price. There are some cut corners, in order to keep the price tag reasonable, but the end result is an excellent tool for multimedia/business/fun/you name it. I highly recommend this baby for any Android aficionado.
samsung galaxy note 3 neo cover

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