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HP Launches a Luxury Smartwatch

November 10, 2014

HP Smartwatch

If you’re a tech geek like yours truly with a taste for fashion, this weekend was a real treat, because HP just launched its latest gadget : the MB Chronowing, on Friday the 7’th respectively.

This smartwatch is looking more like a regular timepiece and less than a technological wonder, unlike its predecessors. To be perfectly frank, HP’s latest techno-marvel resembles Motorola’s 360 smartwatch, but in a good way. That’s a compliment, because imitation is the greatest form of flattery.

The MB Chronowing looks so awesome because this time HP partnered with Michael Bastian, a well known US based fashion designer (he won 2011 CFDA Menswear Designer of the Year) and the end result pleases both the hearts and the minds of geeks everywhere, because guess what : this baby is compatible with both Android and iOS platforms while it looks awesome in the same time!

According to Gilt (the retailer in charge with selling the smartwatch), the Chronowing can be regarded as  Michael Bastian’s “child” engineered by HP.

Featuring a blend of classy/sporty design and a 44mm wide case (made of stainless steel with a multi layered finish), the HP smartwatch looks very similar to a regular, traditional timepiece and it is available with three types of straps : green nylon, black rubber and brown leather. The bands are swappable and the smartwatch is water-resistant, making it for a versatile companion, regardless of your hobbies.

HP Launches a Luxury Smartwatch

HP’s bold design and state of the art craftsmanship makes for its $349 price-tag a real bargain if you ask me.

And if you take into consideration that the Chronowing appears to be a luxury item in the first place(judging it by the looks) and simultaneously it offers high tech capabilities, well, it’s a must-have gizmo, a dream come true for your inner-child.

This wearable gadget can be described as a high tech fashion accessory, with a design inspired from luxury cars, according to Michael Bastian himself.

HP created this weird partnership thanks to Gilt, which came with the idea of bringing Michael Bastian on board (taking care of the industrial design) while HP built the high-tech inside.

The end result was an exquisitely beautiful smartwatch, that works simultaneously on Android and iOS platforms, making it the best choice  of both worlds.

Being a regular timepiece first and secondly a smartwatch, the HP doesn’t feature a touch screen and not even a microphone.

However, the Chronowing is capable of displaying notifications from your smartphone via Bluetooth, provided you’re the proud owner of an iPhone (at least a 4s) or an Android device (4.3 or higher).

HP’s smartwatch offers all kinds of notifications like texts, calls, emails and also will allow you to control your music player and various apps. The best thing about the smartwatch is that HP also writes the software which runs the gadget, making the Chronowing platform-independent (you’ll not be tied to Android wear, for example).

Due to the fact that it doesn’t have an ultra-high resolution touch screen like other devices, the Chronowing has an impressive autonomy : it can resist for up to a week on a single charge.

Other smartwatches, like the Pebble or Samsung’s Galaxy Gear will let you down way sooner, having about 24 hours of autonomy.

If you need just one reason for ordering the HP Chronowing today,  check this out : this is maybe the first smartwatch that doesn’t look and feel like a gadget, but like the real thing, i.e. a luxury timepiece. Yet, it comes with all the goodies a regular smartwatch has to offer, at an affordable price tag of only $349 and possibly cheaper in the near future.

Even if it is more expensive than most smartwatches (which come at a ~$200 price tag), the Chronowing is actually way cheaper than any luxury watch.

It’s a win-win situation. What are you waiting for, Christmas? Well, maybe that’s the best idea for a gift this Christmas, don’t you think?

HP smartwatch for iPhone

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