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Travel to Peru, Home of Ancient Civilizations

February 4, 2015


Peru has much to offer its visitors, being home for ancient peoples and cultures, boasting with its cities and epic landscapes, being a very diverse country both in terms of scenery and culture.

Visiting Peru you’ll discover impressive mountain ranges, majestic deserts, perfect beaches and rainforest, an immensely rich history/archaeology, indigenous cultures and wildlife. Peru has it all, just think about the Inca empire and Machu Picchu, one of the most photogenic ancient archaeological sites in the world and home for Nazca, the mysterious civilization that spawned out of nowhere thousands of years ago.

Peru is located in South America, on the “west side” of the continent, bordered by Colombia and Ecuador on the north, Bolivia and Brazil on the east, Chile on the south and it’s facing the Pacific Ocean.

With a land surface of 1, 285, 216 square km and a population of almost 30 million, Peru is a strong and healthy economy and home of a beautiful and generous people.


What to see, what to do in Peru

The cities in Peru are fascinating to say the least. Everywhere you go you’ll encounter the remains of the ancient civilizations, there are ruins everywhere you go, the landscape is simply astonishing, especially for hikers. If you’re in love of the mountains you will have a fun time in Peru, believe me, because here you’ll find picturesque mountain ranges, like Cordillera Blanca in the Andes.

Arequipa is a very nice colonial city and the entry point to Colca Canyon. Here you must visit Santa Catalina, an ancient monastery and go see Juanita (she rests in the Museo Santuarios), an impeccably preserved sacrificial Incan girl.


Cruz del Condor is buried deep inside the Colca Canyon and it makes for a stunningly beautiful scenery, including the condors, a rare avian species that are still abundant here (and not much anywhere else in the world).

You can go see the beautiful oasis of Huacachina, in the Peruvian desert, home of magnificent sand dunes; here you can enjoy sand boarding and  dune buggying, the perfect chill out spot.

Cruz del Condor

Peru is home for a canyon twice as deep as the Grand Canyon, namely Arequipa Colca, with a depth of 3400 meters or more.

The Cajamarca Carnival is famous in Peru and the celebrations last for thirty days.

The Caral Complex  is  5 millennia old and it’s located near Lima. Here you can admire a series of pyramids and the oldest/ancient city  on the American continent.

Chan Chan is the biggest pre Columbian city on the continent and it’s protected by UNESCO . Chan Chan makes for a true archeological treasure, being home for the ancient culture of Chimu.


The city of Cusco was the capital of the Inca empire, another World Heritage site, and it’s a mélange of colonial Spanish and Inca architecture.

Trekking on Cordillera Blanca is a once in a lifetime experience, a 113 miles long marvel of glaciers, snowy mountains and beautiful lakes, not to mention archeological sites and a variety of fauna and flora.

Another great place to explore while in Peru is represented by Inca ruins, namely in Sacsayhuaman, near Cusco. Other places are Qenko, Tambo Machay and Puca Pucara.


Lake Titicaca is a huge freshwater lake, the highest navigable lake in the whole wide world actually and surrounded by old ruins.

Machu Picchu makes for Peru’s number one attraction, a World Heritage site and maybe the most important place to visit from an archeological point of view.

Let me finish with the Nazca Lines (spectacular and huge geoglyphs that can be admired from the air) and Manu National Park (a paradise of biodiversity).

Machu Picchu, Peru

International calling and texting to Peru

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Food and Drink in Peru

Peruvian cuisine is hot and spicy, benefiting from the extensive use of hot pepper and garlic in almost every dish.

Specialties include raw fish (marinated in lime juice and chili peppers), roasted guinea pig, potato cakes, corn dumplings (boiled and filled with meats), sweet potato jelly, salchipapas, grilled chicken, salted pork etc. Regional drinks consist of Pisco (a brandy made from grapes), algarrobina, chilcano and capitan (based on Pisco), chicha de jora (made from fermented maize), chich morada/Inca cola (non alcoholic beverages). There are also local brands of wine and beer, the most common being Cuzquena, Arequipena, Pilsen and Cristal.


Passport and Visa

 For Visiting Peru you’ll require a valid passport and no visa if you’re a tourist.


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