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Enjoy Paradise on Earth Visiting the Dominican Republic

February 10, 2015


Few countries in this world can brag with the “paradise on Earth” motto and definitely one of these is the Dominican Republic.

Just like Haiti, the Dominican Republic is a Caribbean country spreading on 2 thirds of Hispaniola (right next to Haiti, which occupies one third).

Aside from Haiti, the Dominican Republic is neighbored by the North Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea.

With a population of almost 10 million people and a land surface of 48,730 square kilometers, the Dominican Republic’s economy is booming and revenue from tourism plays a big role in the country’s GDP.

If you’re the adventurous type, you’ll enjoy visiting here. This is a hugely diverse place to be in, boasting with its tropical rainforest, the beautiful mountains, arid deserts and steamy swamps filled with mangroves.

It doesn’t matter what’s your trade, even if you’re a biker, a trekker, a mountain bike buff or a water sport junky, you can have the best of times visiting the Dominican Republic. Featuring luxurious resorts, even the pickiest customer will find its own personal paradise in this tiny island nation.


Things to See and Do in the Dominican Republic


If you’re into manly activities (just kidding folks) like scuba diving, golf, fishing, horseback riding, tennis or shooting, just go visit Casa de Campo and you’ll be in for a royal treatment. This luxurious resort is well renowned worldwide and it actually received international accolades.

If you’re a baseball fan, you can play catch with the best in the Dominican Republic, where baseball is not a national sport but a national obsession and I’m not kidding either.

casa de campo

The Columbus Lighthouse is a monument, a homage actually dedicated to the glorious explorer and acts as a world museum (it has 2 jobs sort of speak).

columbus lighthouse

Santo Domingo’s nightlife can be described in two words (or three maybe) : dance, dance, dance (till you drop!). There are lots of establishments on Avenida Venezuela where you can enjoy dancing the dirty Merengue. While you’re at it, go drink with the locals, take a sip from your glass of cuba libre and learn Spanish. If you drink enough rum, you’ll be talking in languages in no time.

In February you can enjoy the carnival in La Vega, along with 100,000 people cramming the streets, making for one colorful and full of joy holiday.

santo_domingo_parkLago Enriquillo is a beautiful salt lake sitting next to the Haitian border, bursting with wildlife (crocodiles and lots of tropical birds).


For a nice view of the ocean, go visit Mount Isabela de Torres, but keep in mind that you’ll have to climb it first (no worries, there’s a cable car for the lazy ones).

Mountain biking and offshore fishing are some of the treats offered by the geographical diversity of the Dominican Republic, along with the local souvenirs made   of amber, a semiprecious stone used in jewelry and making for a great gift for your spouse or friends.


Museo del Hombre Dominicano is the best museum in Santo Domingo and offers its visitors an interesting view at Dominican Republic’s anthropology, being filled with artifacts and sculptures from the Tainos culture.

Whale watching is an awesome spectacle offered by the Dominican Republic, along with wind surfing in America’s best waters around Cabarate, on the north coast.

You can play a round of golf and visit Zona Colonial in the aftermath, a place filled with old colonial buildings (Columbus’s son actually lived in one of these) and a beautiful cathedral.

My beautiful picture

Food and Drinks

Dominican cuisine is a combination of indigenous and Spanish recipes, abundant in seafood and fresh fish, along with home grown lettuce, tomatoes, papaya, citrus fruits, mango and what not. Specialties include “the flag” (the dish is made of stewed meat, salad, white rice, red beans, and fried plantain), pork rind, fried chicken, soups of meats and veggies, baked veggie cakes (pastellon) and so on and so forth. Local drinks include Presidente beer along with rum-based cocktails such as Bermudez and Brugal. You can try the local coffee which is…excellent to say the least, eventually accompanied with a glass of old dark rum.

Visa Requirements

For visiting the Dominican Republic you’ll require a valid passport and a visa, easy to obtain at your local embassy or at an airport if you’re from the US.



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