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USA Travel Guide, Land of the Free, Home of the Brave!

June 6, 2015


Once upon a time in America there was a saying: see Rome and die. Or was it “see USA and die”? Well, all things considered, the United States of America can be regarded as the new Roman Empire, the new Rome or whatever you choose to call it. Being the world’s only superpower left, all roads now lead to Rome. Strike that, all roads nowadays lead to…America, the New World.

This short intro is meant to highlight one simple fact: the USA is one of those places you should see during your lifetime if you’re addicted to travel. Even if you’re a “native”, I bet there are places you never visited until now, because the USA is a huge country, a place of staggering bio-diversity and natural beauty, from the impressive skyscrapers of NY to the majestic mesas of Arizona.

Ok, there’s also the dramatic view of the Grand Canyon and Manhattan’s legendary skyline, I don’t even know where to begin and nothing can prepare you in advance for the sheer awesomeness of these places which have no equivalent anywhere in the world.

grand canyon

Basically, you can spend your whole life in the United States, the leader of the free world, and you’ll feel like you’ve only scratched the surface. The US is epic, regardless the scale you’re using. Where in the world you can do the things available here, like the majestic spectacle offered by the Niagara Falls, the trekking opportunities courtesy of South Dakota’s Black Hills, the cruising opportunities along California’s Pacific Coast, the skiing resorts offered by Lake Tahoe or Vermont? Where can you taste the life of a cattle rancher better than in Texas/Midwest or listen to jazz concerts like in the New Orleans? As you can see, the options offered by this magnificent country are endless and as diverse as they can be. The USA is a micro-universe in itself, with spectacular landscapes, a rich cultural life and endless scenery, with beauty screaming through all its pores! I am being lyrical, I know, but I have all the reasons in the world for that.

Even the people inhabiting this godly place are diverse as the country itself. You’ll find all races here, in a melting-pot of cultures society, ranging from the gun-slinging Texans to colorful Cubans or the Alaskan Inuits. Generation after generation, emigrants from all over the world stamped their national identities over everything, from music to food, manners and language.

black hills mount rushmore

What to see, what to do while in the USA

Well, the list of travel-opportunities in the US is virtually endless; I will try to mention the most important ones in a “crash-course” of travel advice for “when in US”.

Music lovers are bound to visit Graceland, the sprawling residence of the king of pop, i.e. Elvis Presley, which hosts over 500,000 visitors ear after year.


The Grand Canyon National Park is visited by more than 5,000,000 people every year and it’s hugely popular thanks to its impressive sheer dimension and the fact that you can admire its beauty from your car, while driving over the South Rim.

For nature lovers I must recommend Liberty Bell Center in the Independence National Historical Park and the world-renowned Niagara Falls. The latter sits near the Canadian border and it’s 12 millennia old.


New York is one of the most impressive cities in the civilized world and while here, among other things, you should pay a visit at the National September 11 Memorial and Museum, a place built in the memory of the victims of that nasty terrorist attack which claimed the life of 3000 people in the World Trade Center Towers.

new york

Sin City, aka Las Vegas looks eerie and it’s that kind of place which attracts gamblers and high-life lovers from all around the world. The iconic Vegas Strip is the main street which runs through “Sin City”, making for a fabulous experience, flashing with its ubiquitous neon lights and casinos built like modern-day pyramids or landscapes from Paris and New York.


The DC (country’s capital) harbors the White House, which is the US president’s official residence, open to visitors and being a piece of history in itself. If you’re a tourist from a foreign country, you’ll receive a free/guided tour via your national embassy in Washington.

Disneyland is a half-century old legendary theme park, the most famous world-wide and filled with magical attractions for your inner child (or your kids, ok, I’ll give you that). The whole park is basically divided into “themes” as in lands, like Frontierland, Toontown, Adventureland and so on and so forth. The most popular attractions are represented by Star Tours, Haunted Mansion, Indiana Jones or Space Mountain.


Phone calls and texting to and from USA

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Food and Drink

Americans are among the fattest people in the world, i.e. they love to eat and drink until they burst! Ok, maybe I am exaggerating a bit, but while in the US you can eat until you drop. Food is a cult here and specialties include hamburgers (I recommend you Ruby Tuesday), fried chicken (as in Kentucky Fried Chicken, right?), barbecue (caramelized ribs are EPIC), cheesecake, apple pie, key lime pie etc. Regional drinks include “always” Coca Cola, excellent regional wines, beer, specialty coffees (Star Bucks anyone?) and myriads of cocktails (Manhattan, Vieux, Sazerac). Oh, I forgot, just pay a visit to Tennessee and bow to Jack Daniels distilleries (the same goes for Jim Beam), world’s greatest bourbons.


Visa Requirements

To enter the US you’ll require a valid passport and a visa.


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