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Tap4Call is a smartphone app. It allows to make phone calls using your Internet connection. You can make FREE and cheap International calls, long-distance calls or local calls.

  • No need to register. Launch the app and use it right away!
  • First calls are free!
  • You can do certain actions on your smartphone within Tap4Call app and earn credits towards calls!
  • You can also buy credits towards the call. Our rates are cheap!
  • No taxes
  • No maintenance fees
  • No commitment is required
  • As long as you have good Internet connection you will get the BEST quality for International calls!

The official Tap4Call app web site is

You can download Tap4Call for Android here

You can download Tap4Call for iPhone here

  1. wilfrid D permalink

    i need tap4call app for PC.

  2. Victor permalink

    hi, I would like to know if it is possible to issue a bill each time I recharge tap4call app for Android, as I am using for proffesional purpose. Thanks

  3. Francisco permalink

    how much does it cost to call to Sonora, Mexico?

  4. I purchased credit and now balance more than 7$. i change my phone and downloaded Tap4call in new phone, how can i get back my credits?
    Please advice.

  5. Richard David permalink

    Hello. I have not downloaded your app yet. I am well aware of the high costs of calling Albania and its various cell phone carriers. The one in question is Vodafone. What is the cost to call from my cell in Houston, texas from Tmobile to a Vodafon cell number? I have seen rates from .18 to $2.65 per minute. Thank you in advance. I currently have MagicJack and Viber.

    • Hi,
      The price may vary depending on the smartphone type. Please check “Rates” within our smartphone app. Calling to Albania’s destinations is certainly less then the highest price you pointed out.

  6. Zeeshan Ali permalink

    hello i want to know can i make free calls in kyrgyzstan if yes then for how many times and also tell me its free or not… or i have to do recharge what will the cost come per minute if i call from india to kyrgy mobile.. thanking you waiting for the reply

    • Hi,
      Initial credits are issued to the first time customers. Please install and run the app in order to get it. If you desire to get more free credits (the calls are expensive or you would like to prolong free trial) towards the calls or texting you can always check out “Earn credits” button within the app. Usually, there are some free options available.

  7. Richard David permalink

    Thank you Alex for your great response. I don’t think it should be ‘necessary’ to DOWNLOAD your app FIRST to get rates. I will ask you now, how much is it to call Albania from a Tmobile Samsung Galaxy 5 phone in Houston, Texas to a cell phone in Albania with the carrier being Vodafone. My question is pretty much simple here of which I am sure you have the answer. Please don’t force me to download your app to check rates. Thank you sir for your understanding and cooperation.

    Skype: .185/minute
    Tel3: .20/minute

    PS: We all know we can get ‘cheap’ rates when you call a LANDLINE, this is a given. I have called many folks in your business, and they all advertise the landline costs perfectly knowing calling a cell phone costs substantially more.

  8. Tom Raudorf permalink

    I have upgraded my phone from an iPhone 5 to an iPhone 6 plus. How do I transfer Tap4call credits from one phone to the other. It didn’t happen automatically

  9. Tara permalink

    I just recharged my acct with $10 credit and I am not able to make calls. How can I fix this? Can I transfer my credits from iPad to Android phone?

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